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Hi, my name is Steven Feuerstein. If you’ve heard of me chances are you are a member of my family or you work with Oracle Database and the PL/SQL language.

Professionally, I’ve focused exclusively on PL/SQL since 1994. Wrote ten books on this one language (!), traveled far too much to present and train, and wrote a whole lot of code (still doing that last item). I work for Oracle, leading a team of developer advocates. 


Oracle PL/SQL

If you’re here to learn more about PL/SQL, check out my blog and Twitter account. Follow me!


FABE: For a Beautiful Earth

After giving it lots and lots of thought, I came to believe that the main driver of climate change is human consumption. The only chance we have to slow climate change, perhaps force fewer species to extinction, is to reduce our consumption as much and as quickly as we can.

Fortunately, each of us control if, when and how we consume. But we could sure use some help figuring out how best to do all of that. Hey, maybe an app on your smartphone would help! I sure hope so, because Vincent Morneau, Neviana Zhagba and I are leading a team of volunteers to build fabe: for all a beautiful earth.


The Oracle Dev Gym

Go to when you need to build your Oracle Database muscles. Quizzes, workouts and classes on SQL, PL/SQL, database design, logic and - most recently added - Java.


Practically Perfect PL/SQL

I also have PL/SQL videos on YouTube. Please check them out!


Steven’s PL/SQL Books

Trust me; I know you think you have too many books. But you still might consider some of the ones that I wrote!


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