DOAG Berliner Expertenseminare: Best of Oracle PL/SQL

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Two-Day Training
Sponsored by DOAG (German Oracle User Group)

Over its lifetime, PL/SQL has grown increasingly robust and
complex. Many programmers are barely aware of the new capabilities of
PL/SQL, much less fully understand the implications for their programs.
And virtually all PL/SQL developers are too pressured by deadlines to
have the time to think through the best way to apply PL/SQL’s many

This seminar teaches attendees about the most important features of
the PL/SQL language, focusing on the major advances in Oracle Database
10g and the new features added to PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g. Steven
then takes you beyond the basics to show you how to apply these features
in the context of best practices, so that you write highly optimized,
easily maintained and rapidly enhanced applications.

Topics covered in this course include:

• The fantastic Oracle11g Function Result Cache
• All about collections: from the basics to the complex world of nested collections
• Native dynamic SQL: fastest, easiest path to dynamic SQL in PL/SQL
• The power and flexibility of table functions
• Maximum readability through extreme modularization

More information here.

Tue, 2011-12-06 (All day) - Wed, 2011-12-07 (All day)